LETTING IT FLOW BEING A VESSEL: Channeling/Automatic Writing/Drawing

Channeling/Automatic Writing/Drawing

Definitions….Are we speaking the same language?
 Channeling –technically means “entering a trance like state to receive information from a Spirit Guide- or other . “.   Practically it means being able to set oneself aside completely and act as a conduit/telephone wire to transmit words or an energy force such as love or healing

Automatic Writing – Writing performed without apparent conscious intent or control.
Practically it is the experience of putting pen to paper & watching words stream out
Channeling to me:
I feel impressed to pick up a pencil. Clair cognisance kicks in & I experience that sensation when you can hear what someone else is saying but they are not talking – yet you ”hear clearly in your mind” word for word exactly what is being said.
I am completely awake and alert. I am not in a trance or trance like state. The 4 ways I experience what I call channeling:

1.         Totally unattached – like a scribe taking dictation.  Usually for longer pieces
Examples of this would be my books
 -Power Reiki
 -Abundance Generators
 -The Green Room

2.    Like I am a light bulb that has been lit up for the shorter pieces like those found on www.dohans.com
Do You  See  What I See?
ve thanks for the bad,
For because of it
I know what is good.

I give thanks for the past,
For because of it
I can rejoice in the present and
Do not fear the future.

I give thanks for my enemies,
For because of them
I do not take my friends for granted.

I give thanks for the lack,
For because of it
I can recognize and appreciate abundance.

I give thanks for the dark,
For because of it
I know what a privilege it is to walk in the light.

A Mother's Call
I take this life You loaned me
 And give her back to You.
I’ve done all that I’ve been called to
And now it’s up to You.

I place her fully
In Your loving care.
Watch, guide and keep her
Here and everywhere.

Give her strength and wisdom
And guide her in Your way.
Love, instruct and keep her
Safe – both night and day.

Form her vessel wholly
As it was meant to be.
I give her now entirely
Over to You from me.

For my daughter
Angelica Praise Dohan
28 Sep 2004

My Cup
Rather than lead a life of negativity and self - pity, God has allowed me to choose to build a positive life of joy and thanksgiving.

At times my cup has overflowed and I give You thanks.

At times my cup has been full and I know I am blessed.

At times my cup has been half empty and I choose to see it as half full.

At times my cup has been ninety per cent empty and I choose still to see it as ten per cent full.

At times my cup has been empty and I give thanks that I still have the cup.

At that time that the cup itself was broken, shattered beyond recognition, I thank You that I still had the pieces.

At that time I picked up the pieces and rebuilt the cup myself, I thank You that You watched and carried me.

As my unsound, frail creation failed and my vessel broke again, I thank You that You picked up the pieces and fashioned a unique vessel of Your choosing.

As each moment passes, I thank You for knowing me and creating me a unique vessel to Your specifications that will withstand/overcome any fires or trials that this lifespan encounters.

 3. Healing – reiki, Chios, Quantum Touch etc –letting pure energy flow through me.

4.         Orally,  Like a pristine river is flowing through my crown chakra right out my mouth (by passing my mind/consciousness altogether).  This happens live in healing/reading sessions, attunement sessions, passing the rites of the Munay-ki, readings.(when I deviate from script)
 In upcoming blogs: 
Don't forget to keep exercising your right brain!

earth air fire water

A bad hair day - horses

Can you see the 2 girls sitting?  (the eye orbits are the girls' heads)

Activating your 3rd Eye

Much is made of the brow chakra/third eye in relation to intuitive/psychic ability.  A good portion of the metaphysical community has spent hours and dollars in an attempt to open the third eye and discover the power within.

The third eye is a real thing in a real place.  It needs proper care and attention just like any other part of the body.  By our modern lifestyle, we are unknowingly causing the third eye to close up and become inactive. - the exact opposite of what we're trying to achieve

There are seven in body chakras as well as seven bodily glands. 
Each of the seven in-body chakras is tied to one of the body’s seven glands. 

 The third eye is tied to the pineal gland.  In order for the third eye to function, the pineal gland must be healthy.

Most of us do not know where the pineal gland is or what it does or if it is healthy.  We just slap on meditations, visualizations and wherever else we can find that sounds psychic in order to feed the pineal gland and make it healthy.  This doesn't work.

Let's start of the beginning.  The pineal gland is a small pea shaped gland in the middle of the brain.  In most humans it is calcified and operating at very low level.  It is comprised of cones and rods as cones as is the physical eye.

What Does it Do?
In an ideal situation, the pineal gland produces two substances.  The first is melatonin which regulates our waking and sleeping.
The second is DMT – the only known natural hallucinogen.  This substance is responsible for lucid dreams and psychic abilities.

So, when the pineal gland is not functioning optimally, we will experience erratic sleep patterns and decreased intuitive/psychic ability.   Sound familiar?

The pineal gland in today's population is basically a calcified nut.  If we wish to function psychically, we must de-calcify our pineal gland.

It is actually easier than you think 

It will make a big difference to your abilities whether you are starting out or are already somewhere along the path.  

 With our modern habits and lifestyle we are unwittingly working against ourselves right from the start.

Some practical ways to de-calcify your pineal gland:
1.         Eat as natural a diet is possible.  (Raw is recommended but realistically this is impossible for most of us to maintain).  Incorporate corella, and herbs such as parsley into your ,meals as these foods contain the enzymes that de-calcify your pineal gland.
2.         Remove fluoride from your diet as this is the substance that coats the walls of the pineal gland causing it to calicfy.
Drink filtered water and switch to a toothpaste without fluoride in it.
3.         Sleep!  Ideally one should rise when the sun rises and sleep when the sun sets - like our ancestors did before the advent of the electric light bulb.  Realistically, following the sun is not practical as far as our sleep patterns are concerned in this generation.  However if you get into a regular pattern balancing your waking hours and your sleeping hours, this will help facilitate the production and regulation of melatonin from the pineal gland.
4.         Sun gazing is another must for stimulating the pineal gland.  In the very early morning hours immediately following the dawn just close your eyes and lift your head skyward.  Do this outside so that your face can soak up the sun and the vitamin D.  Do without sunglasses but be sure to do it only in the early morning hours not when the sun is hot or high.
5.         Take iodine supplements.  Iodine is found in seaweed and naturally stimulates the pineal gland.

A closing thought:
The third eye-the way of insight and power should probably be called the first eye.  This is the place a power where we hear the universe - a place of oneness where we access our inner wisdom and hear the voice of god.

Don't neglect your right brain exercises!
1. Do you see the nude? 

2. What do you see (answer at bottom of blog)
3. What do you see? (answer at bottom of blog)

4. How many ladies? (answer at bottom of blog)


1. Nude - lying horizontal with back facing - top half of picture.  Right buttocks almost touching moon.

2.  Fetus/baby  curled up  - head on left side, feet in branches on left side.

3. Black is a jazz player; white is lady's face.

4.  Five  -- 3 ladies in black gowns, 2 ladies in white gowns 



Can you see CLEAN in  the teal and dirty in the white?

An ambigram is a word or set of words that can be read in more than one direction.  (Latin  ambi: both, gram: letter).

Reading them is an excellent way to stimulate the right brain and increase your intuition.

Try these:
Can you see TRUE flipped to be FALSE?   

How about this tattoo - Father flipped is still Father  

Or this religious one Love Jesus flipped to  Hate Satan  

Or this city -whether upright or flipped, it's still vegas

or you could do your name - here's RICHARD no matter how you look at it

Find more on the net or at the library.  Or try making your own!

Stay tuned for more ways to take your intuition up a notch!

Your Intuition


What do you see?  Can you
see both the man's face &
the lady's face?

As most of us know, the left side of the brain houses our logic and the right brain houses our intuition.
The left brain is usually well developed well developed where as the right brain is not.
In order to access our intuitive side,(right brain) we need to train it up.  Just as we did math  drills and  spelling bees to strengthen the logical brain, we need to do exercises to strengthen the intuitive right side.
One of  the best way to  strengthen the intuitive side is through the use of "optical illusions".  They are readily available on the net or most libraries have books of them
Go ahead and give it a try:
Do you see the apple-white- and
the person -black?

Do you see face in the zebras?       

Do you see the people (black) and the vases (white)?

Can you see both profile and front on view?
Can you see both profile and front on view?

Can you see both profile and front on view?
More right brain training to follow.
Check back often!